Saturday, March 26, 2011

GodsWar Pet System Guide

Ever found yourself wandering through the lands of GodsWar Online, and wondered just when you would find that loyal companion to accompany you? Wait no longer, for the GodsWar Online pets have arrived! This guide will provide all of the information you will need to get started. First, let's take a quick look:

Obtaining Pets:

Through Quests
• Any player level 10 or higher can accept the "First Pet" quest.
• You can get the quest from the Newbie Guide in the suburbs and submit it to the Pet Master to claim a Flower Pixie Egg or a Minotaur Egg.
• Right click the Egg and you will obtain a Flower Pixie or a Minotaur. Open the Pet Panel to view the pet's information.

Through Capturing
• Capturing pets in the wild is an alternative to purchasing a pet from the Item Mall. Unfortunately, it can be tiresome, and capturing tools (that break regardless of success) should be equipped in advance.
Capturing Tools
Obtaining Methods
Wooden Tool
Negligible Effect
MonstersPets Merchants
Iron Tool
Increase the success rate by a little
MonstersPets Merchants
Silver Tool
Fairly increase the success rate
MonstersPets Merchants
Gold Tool
Increase the success rate quite a bit
Item Mall, Bound Gold Vendor
Mystic Tool
Greatly increase the success rate
Item Mall, Bound Gold Vendor

• Baby pets are available at various locations at various times. Keep an eye on announcements on World Chat to find them. Possible locations to find them include the suburbs of Athens and Sparta, Marathon, Parnitha, Megara, Argolis, Nemea, Peloponnesus, and Medusa Island. Keep in mind that a capturing tool will come in handy.
• When a pet is successfully caught, you can release the pet by right clicking the corresponding egg in your storage bag.
• Place the pet in one of your two pet slots. You can purchase more slots in the Item Mall.

Item Mall Purchase
There is surely an easier way to come by those cuties. A variety of pets are available in GW Item Mall, at reasonable price. Head to in-game Item Mall for your favorite pet!

Pet Properties:

Property List
Every owner gets one free chance to rename a pet.
There are many different pets to select from, such as a Flower Pixie or a Panda.
Food Types
Pets have different diets, and owners should feed accordingly.
It reflects the advantages of various pets. The color on names can be a good determinant, much like that on equipments.
Soul Contract
Owners can sign Soul Contracts with their pets which will enhance the advancement of their pets’ ability. The pets will become nontransferable.
All talents are predetermined and they cannot be learned.
Skills help strengthen pets and they can be learned.
Try to keep this number above 40 to avoid unanticipated call backs.
It is determine by the bond between the pet and its owner. Keep it above 40 before attempting to merge.
The lifespan of any pet is predetermined, but it can be extended with the use of Effective Water.
The Gender of the pet.
The pet’s current level.
Current EXP
The current accumulated EXP for the level.
Upgrade EXP
The total EXP needed to advance to the next level.
Constellation of a pet is determined at birth, and it comes with many surprises.
Times Merged
The number of merges succeeded.
Times Reborn
The number of rebirths taken.
Rebirth Lefts
The number of rebirths left.
As the rank increases, the pet’s skill will receive extra bonuses.
One of the six savviesaffects Max MP, magic attacking power, and reflexive damage when combined.
One of the six savviesaffects Max HP, physical defense, and life absorption when combined.
One of the six savviesaffects hit rate, physical attacking power, and magic defense when combined.
One of the six savviesaffects dodge rate, physical resistance, and magic resistance when combined.
One of the six savviesaffects Max HP, physical advancement, and Decrease critical damage when combined.
One of the six savviesaffects damage absorption, magic advancement, and reflexive damage when combined.
 Note: The strength of a pet's ability is determined by its savvy and growth.

Pet Raising:

The Satiety and amity of a pet are often related, and feeding a pet is usually overlooked. Feeding a pet is an easy way to increase the pet's amity level. Here is a list of stuff to feed your pet:
Obtaining Methods
Fresh Grass
QuestsPet Merchants
10 pt Satiety & 3 pt Amity
Pet Merchants
20 pt Satiety & 6 pt Amity
Epoptic Mushroom
Pet Merchants
40 pt Satiety & 15 pt Amity
Magic Fungus
Pet Merchants
100 pt Satiety & 40 pt Amity
Meat Strip
Pet Merchants
10 pt Satiety & 3 pt Amity
Pet Merchants
20 pt Satiety & 6 pt Amity
Pet Merchants
40 pt Satiety & 15 pt Amity
Complete Leg
Pet Merchants
100 pt Satiety & 40 pt Amity
Pet Merchants
10 pt Satiety & 3 pt Amity
Rye Bread
Pet Merchants
20 pt Satiety & 6 pt Amity
Brochette Shank
Pet Merchants
40 pt Satiety & 15 pt Amity
Roasted Tuna
Pet Merchants
100 pt Satiety & 40 pt Amity
 Note: Pets with an amity or life value of zero, or a Satiety value of less than 40 can not be called out.

 Soul Contract:
• Soul Contracts are offered to pets and their owners. Each pet will have one chance to sign a Soul Contract with its owner to enhance its abilities. Contracted pets can be traded using the Seal Jade(empty), but the contract will expire during the process.
• Call out your pet to sign the contract. With the use of a contract spirit (5 maximum), the pet's basic values can be increased considerably.

Binding a Pet
With your summoneded pet, visit the [NPC]Pet Manager in the major city and select "Pet Raising." Then, select "The pet and its owner are bound" to initiate the binding process.

Pet Trades:

• All pets that are caught or purchased from the Item Mall are transferable, provided that the pet has not bound. Pets hatched from eggs that are rewarded from quests can not be transferred.

Trading Procedures
• Bring your qualified pet, along with a Seal Jade <empty> to a Pet Manager in one of the main cities.
• After talking with the pet manager, select the "pet raising" option, and then the "seal spirit" option that follows. This will pack away your sealed pet.
• You can use the Seal Jade <packed> to trade the pet to other players. Right click the Seal Jade to release a sealed pet.
Please Note: To change a pet's name after transferring it to a new owner, the new owner must purchase a renaming stone. (Only applicable to pets that have their names changed by their original owners)

 Pet Growth:

 Concealed Growth Values:
• The pet's growth values are invisible to the owner until now. Pet owners have the option of viewing this information by going to a pet manager with a Pixie's Tear.

 Leveling Up:
• When a player kills a monster, the pet that is out will receive EXP as well. Ideally, the pet will grow with its owner.

Merging Requirements(pet with pet)