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GodsWar Pan's Labyrinth Guide

Everyone is asking me on where can I get Whelk Necklace and whats the use of pan's invitation. I made this guide for everyone who doesn't know where to get pan's invitation and how to use it. Pan's Invitation Letter is needed to enter the Labyrinth.

Where can I get the Pan's Invitation Letter?
- You can get Pan's Invitation Letter by talking to Pan's Envoy on the main city. There are two ways on how to get this letter:

1.) Give 3 different Pan's Invitation (ex: pan's invitation 1, 4, 5)
     - You will receive Pan's Invitation Letter

2.) Give the complete Pan's Invitation (1-6)
     - You will receive Pan's Invitation Letter + Pans Gift Certificate (You can exchange this pans certificate on NPC inside the labyrinth)

Where can I get those Pan's Invitation pcs.?

Pans Invitation 1
Location: Treasure Land
NPC: Pan's Envoy
Requirements: Lvl 1 Crystal, Emerald, Sapphire

Pans Invitation 2
Location: Cursed Zone
NPC: Pan's Envoy
Requirements: Must have an equipment with 2 attributes or grade 3 in bag

Pans Invitation 3
Location: Hera's Labyrinth
NPC: Pan's Envoy
Requirements: Must have Zeus Oracle 5 in bag

Pans Invitation 4
Location: Sicily
NPC: Sicilian Refuge
Requirements: visit sicily 5x

Pans Invitation 5

Location: Main City
NPC: Battlefield Awarder
Requirements: Participate in Pindus Mountain Battle

Pans Invitation 6

Location: Main City
NPC: Pan's Envoy
Requirements: 400 honor points

Requirements on Pan's Labyrinth
The player must be lvl25 and above + Pan's Invitation Letter

There are 9 servants in Pan's Labyrinth. Find them and You will receive EXP, Talent Points, Zodiac Energy, and mall items randomly.
You can also get the "Whelk Necklace" needed for the wedding at the NPC in the middle(you must be engaged).

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